About Us

Company profile

Bhagwat Technologies and Energy Conservation Private Limited (BTECON), was in corporate in the year 2002 as a Private Limited Company with registered and principal offices in Delhi.

The company aims to promote new and innovative ideas in the field of renewable energy, energy conservation along with educating the general public and other stakeholders about the social, economic & environmental benefits of using energy efficient products and renewable energy systems. Awareness generation is an important prerequisite, however much more need should also be given at implementation phase. Thus, our motto is not only to spread thoughts/ideas but also to contribute in the practical implementation of the ideas and help in solving the problems faced in technical and commercial development of energy conservation devices and technologies.

We are an ISO-9001:2008 company. Our major objectives and areas of operation are energy conservation and management through energy planning in industrial, commercial, institutional, agricultural and domestic sectors. Our functional area includes:-

  • Energy audit (MEA, IGEA, Electrical & Thermal ) for load management.
  • Project Design Documents (PDD), DPR and  Biomass assessment  for various uses.
  • Technology/Industry/Market analysis of Renewable Energy Products and systems.
  • Consultancy  in designing, developing and implementing energy efficient measures.
  • Electrical/Fire Safety Audit.
  • Conducting training program on energy management for educating the end users.
  • Demand Side Management (DSM) for energy economics and environment improvements through retro-fittings and re-engineering.